Be the solution,
not the problem

Learn about the injustices black people face, donate to organizations, and spread awareness.

Ways to Support BLM


Donate to BLM Organizations

Numerous organizations strive to help the black community by fighting for fair representation, minimizing police brutality, and creating equality everywhere. Donations allow for them to keep working towards a brighter future.

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Learn About the Black Experience

Books de-mystifying race and the history of injustice are perfect ways to educate yourself on what is happening and, more importantly, why it's happening. Watching movies and TV shows showing the racial injustices black people face everyday can also be a moving experience.

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Sign Petitions Demanding Change

When the people demand change, it will happen. Sign petitions demanding justice for those innocently murdered, and demand your state governors to take action. Use your voice.

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About Stand With BLM

Stand With BLM started in Charlottesville, VA by Brehanu Bugg in order to inform and provide resources to Black Lives Matters activists. This website should be a resource to help you fight against injustices the black community face every day. Sign petitions, learn about our history, and speak up. That is the only way change will happen.

If you have any resources you think should be on here or feedback to make this site better, feel free to email us.

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